What We Are About.


1) By way of outlook Freethinking Anew, to Teach to popularize Philosophy to all, what is it? Including asking how-what-then-why..? for Jicho Jipya-Think Anew, there are no stupid questions, any question begs for an answer..!

2) Nurture, Inspire, spark the evolution of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) development from the grassroots. Is it possible?

3) Work Towards Freethinking Anew, shifting paradigm, Skepticism, age of reason how-and-not-why! Renaissance Humanism - Man being the center, Rationalism, common sense attitude revolution.

4) Guard against fallacies, how to recognize and emancipate oneself from. War against gullibility, blame-gaming, Hero-worship, Miseducation, Witch-hunting mentality, Fatalism and Fanaticism.

5) What is science? What is to be scientific? To work Towards inductive investigative research-oriented outlook in everyday life.
6) Discussion on Natural vs Supernatural, what is Secularism? What is Zamadamu (evolution)?
7) Initiate studies on Culture and Comparative religions, Triple heritage self-consciousness, in swahili Kujitambua
8) Possibility for a new kind of (OkotPBitek) mobile street university from the grassroots
9) Autodidacticism - reading books for knowledge beyond passing exams.
10) Search, incubate and nurture talents from the grassroots.
11) Farming anew, farm as an industry not just tradition.
12) Study to practice indigenous, that is modernizing indigenism culture. Modernize without westernizing, is it possible?
13) Appreciate indigenous art, craft and culture. Not everything local is inferior likewise not everything exotic (even if superior) is appropriate.
14) Organize Intercultural students exchange program
15) Mentoring, Counseling, inspire new generation (Maduma) for positive humanistic changes, in the footstep teachings of Prof George Ayyitey's cheetah's (swahili Maduma) postcolonial generational versatility and agility.
16) Impart to the society Freethinking as a basic human rights issue.

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Current Physical Address: Tegeta, Dar es salaam
POSTAL ADDRESS: P O BOX 66749 Dar es salaam Tanzania