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WORK DONE SO FAR: - Newly registered, with the highly successful Jicho Jipya - Think Anew launching conference on 1st of August 2015 in Dar es salaam, attended by 13 people.

1) Introducing Jicho jipya company, what it is, its objects, freethinking, humanism. This was done by chair of the conference Nsajigwa.

2) Lucas Isakwisa Presentation - Freethinking as a human right issue, and a constitutional right in Tanzania (The full paper presentation available at the Jicho jipya website)

3) Creativity from the grassroots – local inventor maker show by Frank Waya, and explanation of galimotoKali by Ntubanga Beleng'anyi followed by questions and inquiries.

Points raised: Creativity has to go hand in hand with entrepreneur, say that of galimoto case. Frank Waya, System alarm against theft of chicken, a lamp that switches itself on and off on light/darkness intensity. Frank Waya get inspiration on observing everyday peoples problem and try imagine a solution to solve those by STEM..! That to him, every social problem is actually a business opportunity..! Challenge for Frank Waya? capital and market.

4) Lets imagine and plan how to be self reliant by Proff Mwakikoti.
Jicho jipya as to reach out to the community, Of Volunteering spirit by Prof A Mwakikoti. He observed that American people (where he has lived for 20 years teaching) are generous and have that volunteering attitude and spirit. They volunteer and contribute in many causes doing things outside of government. Jicho jipya leadership should review projects and should prioritize. The bottom line is, lets start something even if its a small thing. A mighty oak from little acorns our tropical context, a giant baobab tree starts just like an amaranths (spinach) grass..!

5) Book display – book reading and philosophy by Nsajigwa
Books displayed, of philosophy or by philosophers because its one aim of the organization to inculcate book reading culture including citizens knowing the Tanzania constitution. Many don't know it, haven't read. There is a swahili written constitution. This is in supporting by incubating grassroots entrepreneurship and invention, example that of galimotoCar, the first ever locally made functional vehicle from the grassroots of Tanzania..!

Project/creativity that we mentor/nurture/support/incubate. Jicho jipya ubunifu;- This is in supporting by incubating grassroots entrepreneurship and invention, example that of galimotoCar, the first ever locally made functional vehicle from the grassroots of Tanzania..!

Plan to use Galimotocar for STEM project - Creativity, innovation, appropriate technology for industrialization from the grassroots. Quest for authentic African realism rationalist based industrialization from the grassroots for income, employment, appropriate tech, skills acquisition, improved life, contribution against unemployment & hopelessness. Concurrently changing of peoples attitude towards modernity & scientific outlook, away from super naturalism, superstition, witchcraft (and its hunting) believing towards reality of Rationalism, empiricism, experimentalism. The launching of Freethinking rationalism STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) teachings to reach the populace of Tanzania - a mobile/moving “street university” from the grassroots…galimotoVehicle (“the crowd puller”) being the vehicle literally and metaphorically - for social change catalyzing rationalism & scientific humanism renaissance attitude.

Galimoto being a crowd puller, is to be used to influence the society positively. Bundi buridani ass-a-bird…an owl a “blessing” in one society while a omen sign of “curse” in another…How is that..? There is no witchcraft in reality; there is only “believe in belief in witchcraft”..!

Ubunifu na utafiti wa kitekinolojia (Appropriate technological creativity) is the answer to counter scourge of abject poverty bedeviling our modern African society. Evolve, change your attitude, leave behind "dark age" mentality, fallacy and hypocrisy of witch (and its hunting) believe.

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