1. Supporting creativity Ubunifu from the grassroots, STEM galimotoCar and Mr Frank Waya.
  2. Had organized a highly successful Jicho jipya - Think Anew launching conference on 1st of August 2015 in Dar es salaam, the second one on July 10th 2016 also in Dar es salaam. Had done the third by charity mid june 2017 in Bagamoyo and we had the fourth on 23rd june 2018 again in Dar es salaam.
  3. Living by example, Eupraxsophy, without religion, being good, Humanist, Peaceful, Rationalist, Realist and Empiricist.
  4. Did a monumental historic - philosophical work, task of “unearthing” and then interview Late prominent Tanzanian Public figure, Elder Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru, documented his lifestance for eternity, for what he really was according to himself - an “independent thinker and a freethinker” - not what people guessed / thought / assumed him to be.
  5. Have “unearthed” and connected Tanzanian independent thinkers and freethinker - of old and new generation - who each came to realise “Eureka”!? That he was not alone! That there are other Tanzanians living good, Ethical, Humanistic even if without any religion or rather outside it.

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  1. Have helped financially (100% +) the community in need at Mwembe-mkola in Bagamoyo, to get back domestic water supply via the water well that needed heavy repair.
  2. Have helped incubate youth talents and creativity, guiding and mentoring them.
  3. Have helped entrepreneurs at the grassroots, Jichojipya funds has helped youth on entrepreneurship.
  4. Have kept on Enlighten constantly, on secularism, skepticism and science outlook of life.
  5. Doing all these on volunteerism basis, by the contributions of the board members.

Areas to Work on

Research: Keep on “Unearth”, identifying and connect the independent minded thinkers, skeptic Thinkers and freethinkers individuals in Tanzania, including Eupraxsophers - those living without a religion. They are  in every age, generation, tradition and culture - past and present - within each Human society, thus in Tanzania too, Africa and globally.
Educational: -
STEM from the grassroots (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics through incubating galimotocar making and use it as a ' crowd-puller ' to campaign against witchcraft.
Also the concept of street university, after the making of galimoto use it to teaching basics of philosophy & Freethinking “made simple”.
Coming out: -
Inspiring people with the habit and tradition of curiosity to come out, and get empowered by knowing they are not alone. More so, Constant campaign against credulity, safeguarding against fallacies. Don't just believe something just because someone has said so, that someone could be wrong...check it...please seek rational evidence...have the right to doubt..!
Imagination :
(Ubunifu) ' STEM - The creating of the locally-made & from the grassroots GalimotoCar (Henry Ford model T like) and using it has a magnetic ' crowd-puller ' to educate on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) and re-educate against superstition.
FINAL WORD: At this point, juncture, in need of support from fellow like-minded freethinkers Humanists secularists, as the work has been expanding beyond the capacity of the founders, new young people joining in. Let there be enlightenment...MAN is the centre, Thank you.